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Portable Car Quick Lift DC series

Product Description

LUXMAIN DC series Quick lift is a small, light, split car lift. The whole set of equipment is divided into two lifting frames and one power unit, a total of three parts, which can be stored separately. The single frame lifting frame , which can be easily carried by one person. It is equipped with a tow wheel and a universal wheel, which is convenient for towing and fine-tuning the lifting position. The DC12V power unit is connected to the car engine through the fire wire, which can drive the motor to work and drive the lifting frame to lift the vehicle easily. The power unit is also equipped with a hydraulic synchronization device,to ensure the synchronous lifting of the lifting frames on both sides. Both the power unit and the oil cylinder are waterproof. As long as it is on the hardened ground, you can lift your car for maintenance anytime and anywhere.

Are you still doing car maintenance outdoors in this way? Are you still worried about your car breaking down outdoors and waiting for the rescue of professionals?It's time to change the tradition!
New concept of the industry makes impossible possible.
LUXMAIN Quick lift can do it!

The minimum height of the lifting frame is only 88mm, which meets the chassis height requirements of all models on the market.

Split open lifting frame design.
Greater space makes greater efficiency!
Provides quick wheels-free convenience and clear undercarriage access

Max loading height up to 632mm (equipped with heighten adapters).

Quick and easy assembly.
Connect the lifting frame and the power unit through the 2 sets of oil pipes that come with the machine and you can use it. The whole journey only takes 2 minutes!

Convenient to move,easy to take by one guy!

We also designed a tow/pan wheel, you can also tow;Translate the lifting frame to adjust the lifting position.

LUXMAIN qucik lift could be storaged and hanged on wall,saving space.

Small size,Only need a small cart to take me home.

LUXMAIN quick lift has excellent stability. After the vehicle is lifted, a person applies external force to the vehicle from any direction, and the vehicle does not move at all. Therefore, you can work with confidence.

When the equipment is in the half-lift state, if the power is suddenly cut off, the lifting frame is also very stable, and it will always remain in the half-lift state without falling.

The equipment is equipped with a mechanical safety lock, the lifting frame is made of special steel, and the mechanical performance is superior. The 5000kg heavy load test is carried out without the oil cylinder, which is still as stable as possible.

The oil cylinder has been designed for waterproofing, which eliminates the hidden danger of failure caused by the corrosion of the inner wall of the oil cylinder due to water splashing, and extends the service life of the oil cylinder. You can safely lift the vehicle and wash it thoroughly.
The power unit reaches IP54 protection level!

Hydraulic oil
Please choose 46# anti-wear hydraulic oil. In cold environment, please use 32#.

Simple packaging

Parameters table

 Technical Parameters
Model No L520E L520E-1 L750E L750E-1 L750EL L750EL-1
Supply Voltage AC220V DC12V AC220V DC12V AC220V DC12V
Frame spread length 1746mm 1746mm 1746mm 1746mm 1930mm 1930mm
Mini Height 88mm 88mm 88mm 88mm 88mm 88mm
Frame Length 1468mm 1468mm 1468mm 1468mm 1653mm 1653mm
Max.Lifting Height 460mm 460mm 460mm 460mm 460mm 460mm
Max.Lifting Capacity 2500kg 2500kg 3500kg 3500kg 3500kg 3500kg
Single side width of lifting frame 215mm 215mm 215mm 215mm 215mm 215mm
Single  frame weight 39kg 39kg 42kg 42kg 46kg 46kg
Power unit weight 22.6kg 17.6kg 22.6kg 17.6kg 22.6kg 17.6kgg
rising/lowing time 35/52sec 35/52sec 40~55sec 40~55sec 40~55sec 40~55sec
oil tank capacity 4L 4L 4L 4L 4L 4L


● Maximum lifting weight: 2500Kg
● Electro-hydraulic drive, equipped with DC12V DC power supply
● Applicable models: 80% of A/B class cars
● Applicable environment: outdoor maintenance, field rescue, racing track


● Maximum lifting weight: 3500Kg
● Electro-hydraulic drive, equipped with DC12V DC power supply
● Applicable models: 80% of A/B/C class cars
● Applicable environment: workshop and family garage


● Maximum lifting weight: 3500Kg
● Electro-hydraulic drive, equipped with DC12V DC power supply
● Applicable models: 80% of A/B/C class cars(Can meet the needs of 3200mm wheelbase models)
● Applicable environment: workshop and family garage

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