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Double post ingroud lift L5800(A) with bearing capacity of 5000kg and wide post spacing

Product Description The main unit is underground, and the supporting arm and power unit are on the ground, which is suitable for car maintenance and DIY. The maximum lifting weight is 5000kg, which can lift cars, SUVs and pickup trucks with wide applicability. Wide column spacing design, the center distance between the two lifting post reaches 2350mm, which ensures that the vehicle can pass smoothly between the two lifting post and is convenient to get on the car. Equipped with a telescopic and rotatable supporting arm to lift the skirt of the vehicle, the lifting range is large, and it is suitable for the lifting of almost all models. After the vehicle is lifted, the surrounding, upper and bottom spaces are completely open, the man-machine environment is good, and the workshop environment is safe. LUXMAIN inground lift is equipped with a mechanical and hydraulic double safety mechanism. When the equipment rises to the set height, the mechanical lock is automatically locked, and personnel can safely perform maintenance operations. The hydraulic throttling device, within the maximum lifting weight set by the equipment, not only guarantees a faster ascent speed, but also ensures that the lift slowly descends in the event of mechanical lock failure, oil pipe bursting and other extreme conditions to avoid sudden rapid speed fall causing a safety accident. The two lifting posts are connected by a metal synchronization beam to ensure that the lifting actions of the two lifting posts are absolutely synchronized. After the equipment is debugged, there is no leveling between the two posts. Compared with ordinary double post lifts, they need to be carried out regularly during use. With the characteristics of level adjustment, the inground lift saves a lot of time and cost. Equipped with the highest limit switch to prevent misoperation from causing the vehicle to rush to the top. L5800(A) has obtained CE certification Technical Parameters
Lifting capacity 5000kg
Load sharing

max. 6:4 ior against drive-odirection

Max. Lifting height 1850mm
Entire Lifting (Dropping)Time 40-60sec
Supply voltage AC380V/50Hz(Accept customization)
Power 2 Kw
The pressure of the air source 0.6-0.8MPa
N.W. 1765 kg
Post diameter 195mm
Post thickness 14mm
Capacity of oil tank 12L
Post diameter 195mm

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